About Us


For 20 years, we have been serving to domestic market and supplied to many Turkish exporters.

By the head of 2018 , we decided to start & develop the export so created Masterbee brand .

Our factory is located at Bursa city ,Turkey. It has 7000 m2 closed area. We have totaly 24 presses , these presses are our own production.

Product range is wide , more than 1000 different types air springs are at our database.

We would like to set up long term & mutual business connections with partners.

We are not saying ' We have so cheap prices ' , we just say 'according to quality level our prices are reasonable '.

About prices or delivery time infos , we inform our partners with correct infos.

Thats why our biggest promise to our customers is this : Firstly we offer trust !

In 2 years , we hope to reach so different locations on the world.

To go to different countries and meet many different people gives chance to get more taste from the world .

We would like to enjoy in life , that business is the most important vehicle to do that.

Thats why give us a hand and lets enjoy together !